Nowadays, when you receive a gift in the mail, it's often not wrapped nor does it come with a card. To sum it up, it's quite a dull experience. Remember what it was like as a kid opening presents on your birthday? Well we want to bring that excitement and joy back to your gift recipient!


At Baby Boxy, we understand most of our customers are purchasing gifts so we've taken all the measures to ensure the unboxing experience is a memorable one. From the customized exterior box to the luxe, extra thick greeting card to our premium white gift box with silver bow to the carefully crafted interior layout, every detail is thoughtfully planned to make sure your gift is extra special.

When your gift recipient pulls up and sees the package on their doorstep, they'll immediately notice a difference - a package where the shipping box actually looks good! For single box orders, our custom mailer features the same aesthetic design of all our gifts.

Once the package is opened, the gift recipient will first see an envelope that contains the luxe greeting card with your personal message. Each greeting card comes on extra thick card stock and is included free of charge with every gift box purchase.

Below the card is your hand-picked theme - housed in our beautiful, premium white gift box and sealed with a silver bow for that perfect touch. Inside the gift box, we feature thick kraft paper joined by our custom Baby Boxy logo sticker, which helps keep the contents of your gift snug on its journey.

As you can tell, we've put a lot of thought into this! So the next time you need a baby gift, give one they'll remember and love - just pick a theme and we'll do the rest!